Hey guys!

I’ve been remodeling the game for a bit and playing around with the story and such! My next game launch for this game will the the official demo! I’ll be updating by chapter after then. I’m working on the last part of the first chapter of ‘Chew before Swallow!’ Then the game will be released by chapter (The book is on my Wattpad go check it out-> Chew before Swallow! The book )

I’m also working on two pet projects and experimenting with different game types and more twine exploration. Both of those games will have VAs if I ever release them and one of them will include two other languages than English!

Message me on Wattpad, Twitter, or Discord if you’re interested in these positions->

Japanese VA (5 open/Zero taken)- English VA (??? open/Zero taken)- Spanish editor(1/0)- Japanese editor(1/0)- Japanese translator(1/0)-

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