Godly update

I’ve finally released the new and official demo for Ethereal!

I’ve planned some new things to be added as I work on the project and even add music! Though, currently it’s just the base of the game and a basic demo. More thing will be added as I learn how to program more, since I am self-taught, and get more people to contribute.

I also plan on releasing the full chapter to my other game. While not as in-depth as this game it is a cute little story between the main characters Mason and Willy (William). I hope if you choose to read it!

This game isn’t actually apart of the main universe of stories I make. This is apart of my ‘fantasy’ universe while the rest of my stories lean to the sci-fi aspect. I hope I can make my fantasy world grow as big as my sci-fi and realism universe is.

Join the discord and follow me on my medias <3


And keep an eye out for hidden hints of the Ethereal world ;)

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